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Krui, a small fishing village surrounded by endless rice fields and coconut trees with welcoming local people that will always make you smile. 


Nestled in the Southern corner of South West Sumatra, Krui is home to the national protected area of Bukit Barisan Selatan and with a remote location off the beaten track will offer some memorable moments to add to your traveling experiences. 


While the main source of income comes from agriculture and fishing its rugged coastal line has been blessed with world class surf breaks making it a tropical paradise to explore for surfers

What other activities are available in the Krui area?

The Krui region offers a range of other cool activities to discover during your stay, from its traditional Market in the Krui town to ocean activities and jungle experiences, an array of choices that can be explored at your own pace or with our guidance, some of them can be listed here

  • Stand Up Paddle board, take a cruise out-front with one of our SUP's available for guests

  • Fishing trips, some keen fisherman are in the house! we can organise a local fishing experience 

  • Snorkelling 

  • Local boat trips to the charming island of Pulau Pisang (Banana Island)

  • Jungle trekking with waterfall reward! 

  • More jungle trekking with fun river activity 

  • Are you into coffee? discover some Sumatran coffee further up the mountain 

  • Chilling by the pool side reading a book 

  • Visits to the local areas and all the surroundings 

  • Hanging out in the local 'warungs' round the corner or some of the new westered owned cafes further down south from 15 to 25 min from us 

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