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FAQ'S - The 10 most commonly asked 

How can I book my stay at BeOcean Krui?

Visit our STAY - BOOKINGS & RATES tab and choose one of the options provided 

Straightforward, easy and convenient

Please allow 24 to 48hrs when submitting an inquiry

Can I book for less than 7 nights ?

Our flexible calendar schedule sometimes leaves available slots for less than 7 nights, in which case yes you can book for less than seven nights, otherwise our standard trips start from 7 nights which we think is the minimum you need to make your trip worth it all the way to South Sumatra !

What's the best time to travel to Krui?

We would say months between March and October offer the wider choice of waves with most optimal conditions in terms of wind reliability and swell consistency, however it's more down to what you are searching for as the Krui surf region can be rated as an all-year round surf destination 

Late + Early months: Nov - March smaller swells are best for beach breaks nearby and when the westerly winds are on some spots up north are the winner! less crowds are generally found at this time of the year 

Shoulder months: April + May + Sept + Oct are versatile months with a mix of the off season swells and wind conditions as well as the southwest bigger swells and easterly off shore wind offering numerous choices at the point breaks, slabs and beach breaks 

Peak months: June + July + August tend to offer the bigger swells with consistent surf conditions for the whole area and the tendency off consistent easterly offshore wind conditions 

Do you have surf guides?

Yes we do, always at guests disposal but with the freedom of not being tied to other schedules 

We try to please as best as possible every surf trip and surfer !

Wether you are keen to move around with the surf guides or you simply want to cruise independently they are on standby on a daily basis

Do you offer surf photography services?

Yes we do, our in-house experienced surf photographer and owner Max is available having previously booked his services 

Normally water shooting capturing surfers best sessions ! 

Shooting on-land sessions are also available with one of the guides and/or Max


We can also recommend a local photographer in case ours are all booked out!   

What transport services do you offer?

We can arrange all transports ! 

Airport services - Daily cars with drivers on standby - motorbike rental - local boat trips! 

Check also the link to services we offer

Is there a clinic/hospital nearby?

Nowadays we are pleased to say that for all minor injuries there is a new (and decent enough!) private clinic at just 5 minutes from our location, they can even do an x-ray if needed be! 

Can you cater for different dietary requirements? 

Yes we can, we offer a good selection of food dishes for those guests who have different dietary requirements and we take a lot of care making our lovely staff understand and learn new dishes! 

Available menus for vegan - vegetarian - Gluten Free (for coeliac too!) - pescatorian ! 

What drinks do you sell?

Our bar is integrated with our kitchen - lounge - lobby area and we sell delicious smoothies, freshly made juices & shakes  as well as a selection of spirits, wines, beer, cocktails and combo drinks !

Chill out any time anywhere within the premises while you enjoy amazing views siping some of your fav drinks! 


How do I get to Krui in South Sumatra ?

Whether it's internationally or within Indonesia, first you must fly to Jakarta International airport (Soekarno Hatta), and our general advise would be to buy a separate flight from Jakarta to Bandar Lampung in South Sumatra, check 

Bandar Lampung airport (TKG Radin Inten II Airport) is at present, the most reliable (and closest) option of entry to South Sumatra by plane 

After you arrive in Bandar Lampung we will pick you up by car and will take care from there... 

A 6 hour drive lies ahead of you however very much worth it on arrival! 



Do you like what you see and read in our website? 

We are here to help, so feel free to contact if you are planning a future trip to BeOcean Krui! 

Thanks for submitting!
Jalan Pantai Wisata, Pekon Walur

Kecamatan Krui Selatan 34874

Kabupaten Pesisir Barat, Krui

Lampung Province

Sumatra, Indonesia

Contact by WhatsApp:
WA (English + Spanish) - click here:
+62 (0) 822-6973-7404

WA (Bahasa Indonesia) - pencet disini:
+62 (0) 853-8075-5165


Check out our FAQ's for very useful information before you travel  
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