The Krui region in South Sumatra offers a huge range of quality waves and consistent swell conditions all year round.

Our central location with easy access to the waves, eight years of solid knowledge and expeditions in the area will make the most out of your trip 


Our Ocean backyard takes you to the surf in less than 2 minutes

Perfect Left in Krui only five minutes walk from BeOcean Krui

If you are after extra adrenaline we have the perfect fix, check it out from one of our ocean decks or take a short walk when the south swells are here! 

Spoilt for choice with more than 15 different breaks, the Krui surf region is one of the most consistent areas in Indonesia where surf spots can be accessed by land  



We offer surf photography services with our in-house photographer if you'd like to capture your surf sessions during your stay either inside or outside the water!


If our in-house photographer is booked out we can assist in hiring this service from a freelance local photographer 

Mandiri Beach


Our surf guide/s will make sure guests get to know the spots in the area with best conditions at the time and for the following days of the trip so you score as much as possible! 

Enjoy the extra freedom which doesn't tie you to other schedules but still benefit of our daily surf guiding knowledge and advise  



The most popular way to get around is by motorbike and you can rent one on-site on the go or arrange it before you arrive 

Car rental services with experienced drivers can be arranged on the go with no hassle or booked before arrival


Whether you want a car your entire trip, just occasionally or if you are not into riding a motorbike we offer flexible car rental services 




Early season from February to April

While this time of the year will offer the best surf in the beach breaks in South Sumatra with clean barrels and light winds it's also a great time to explore those waves located further north with northwesterly winds blowing most of the day.






Mid and Peak season from May to October 

This time of the year offers the most consistent swell with numerous choices on our doorstep and trade winds kicking in after breakfast or even earlier! 

It's also the right time of the year to score some of the solid waves around, still with the benefit of finding sheltered spots when the swell is pumping.


Late season from November to January

Still spoilt for choice, the off-season much like the early season will get you to the epic surf conditions in the beach breaks located only 15 minutes away from us with early morning surf perfection while the afternoon can offer awesome sessions out front or locally as well as plenty of adrenaline up north.