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Get ready for an amazing experience!


BeOcean Krui is a cosy surf & ocean lifestyle beach hotel/lodge offering comfortable accommodation facilities in a chilled out atmosphere where guests can gather and kick back after their surf sessions or tropical exploring

Enjoy our flexible surf trips tailored to what suits you best offering complete services

Conveniently located in a secluded part of Krui with surf at your doorstep and numerous nearby waves 


Stay stoked your entire trip...

Waking up in the morning with one focus

Surf. Eat. Enjoy. Repeat


Not much planning or handling logistics

Just enjoy...




Surf More

Surf on your doorstep and easy access to all the nearby waves!

Enjoy our central location to take the most out of your trip!

2 Krui.jpg


If you are feeling adventurous theres a bunch of other cool outdoor activities in the area from jungle trekking, island hoping to local waterfall!

1 FOOD.jpg


Spoilt for choice with our mouthwatering and multi-cultural food menus !

Delicious dishes are served daily during your stay!


Stay Stoked

Comfortable private bungalows and spacious stylish rooms facing our lush gardens with unlimited ocean views

Everything you need to stay stoked!

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