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General terms to book your stay

  • Comfort & Flexi Package: 30% deposit is required in order to book your spot after accepting our trip quote with a maximum of 72 hours (3 days) to complete deposit payment 

  • Breakfast package: 50% deposit is required to book your spot after accepting our quote unless you have booked directly online where deposit is charged straight away

  • Deposits must be paid within three days after making a provisional booking

  • Free cancellation is accepted within 72 hours after making a reservation if deposit payment has not been received 


  • Final Payment:

+ Comfort Package: 30 days prior to arrival 

+ Breakfast / Flexi package: outstanding amount will be settled on arrival on-site


  • Single/Solo travellers have a fixed rate when staying in our Ocean King Bungalow  

  • Refundable* deposits in case of cancellation in the form of our 'Credit Trip-Vouchers'* 

  • Free to re-schedule your trip (one time) within 2 years after obtaining our trip voucher 

Services we offer
Customise your trip before you arrive or while you are here... 

  • Airport pick up/drop off 

  • Car hire on site (with driver)

  • Motorbike rental

  • Surf Photography (inside & outside the water) 

  • On-site services 

  • Outdoor activities

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