'Let's go for s surf trip to South Sumatra!!'... said one of our friends

when hoping from island to island in Indonesia back in 2010.

It seemed a total challenge when looking in the map and searching the best way to get to Krui! ...finally it all happened! 

Max and Alicia happened to be in that surf trip and came to meet the charming tropical region of Krui and its epic surf!

A two week surf trip turned into two months of exploring, we were lucky to have unleashed our working commitments back home so we could take some time to travel in indonesia and the rest of the world!

After various visits to Krui between 2010 and 2012 we started to dream of a project in Krui.

Dreams can turn into reality when you put your mind and soul into it, you just have to try and work very hard for it...


Inviting our friend from childhood Carlos, to join this project made us stronger and more determined so it all began to take shape in 2013 purchasing a beautiful piece of land right in front of the ocean! to our surprise we found to have one of the funnest waves in town directly opposite our shores!! double bonus and definitely the right motivation to establish our gem! 


Brainstorming with designs, getting the right contacts, setting up bonds with local people, learning the language, wanting to quit so many times, getting to know the laws, dealing with all the legal aspects, wanting to quit one more time... has made us just wiser...the experience behind is priceless these days when we look back to how we started and to what we have achieved. 

Having our two kids in the middle of our projects added more challenge to the whole story but we are so thankful to have what we have and be where we are with our beautiful family and dogs. 

The people that are involved and the labour we have in BeOcean create an absolute combination of uniqueness to us and our upmost target will continue to be offering a great and professional customer service.

Believe in your dreams... 




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